tm7787ff4at_a1Diolen Industrial Fibers is to add a fifth high-tenacity polyester yarn line at its plant in Emmen, The Netherlands. Start up is expected to be June 2006.

After earlier investments in three so-called 'Fosty' machines in 2003 and 2004, Fosty 4 was recently started up successfully and company management has this month approved investment in Fosty 5.

The latest line will again be based on the company's latest one-step process, as opposed to the older two-step process and will add a further 5,000 tons of yarn capacity to bring capacity up to an annual 40,000 tons.

"The market is reacting positively to our one-step yarn and sees it as a signal that we are working very hard on enhancing our position in the market," said CEO Jan Michiels.

Diolen Industrial Fibers is the leading European producer of high-tenacity polyester yarn for a wide range of technical applications. The yarn is marketed under the Diolen brand name and is used for reinforcing such things as car tyres, safety belts, billboards, conveyor belts, rubber hoses and deep-sea mooring. Diolen has production plants in Emmen and Obernburg in Germany.

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